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Selbstklebendes Moskitonetz für Fenster

Intelligentes Insektennetz für Fenster! Lassen Sie Ihre Fenster im Sommer offen und bringen Sie frische Luft ohne unerwünschte Insekten! Dezentes Design, das sich harmonisch einfügt.

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Smart mosquito net for window

Do you have problems with unwanted mosquitoes, butterflies and other fly-insects that appear in your home when you have open windows? This smart solution melts discreetly into your window without being seen and keeping insects and other things outside!

The mosquito net is super easy to shorten to fit specific window dimensions. The net is attached with reusable self-adhesive Velcro. Just as easy to set up as taking down!

 Fits all windows
 Release air, close out insects!
 Discreet model that is barely visible

The mosquito net for windows comes in following dimensions: 1.2 x 1,3 meter. The package includes powerful, self-adhesive strip that you attach to the net along the window frame.


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Selbstklebendes Moskitonetz für Fenster

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