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Hairband - Phone cable model (10-pack)

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Hairband - Phone cable model (10-pack)

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Cool hairbands in different colours


These popular rubber bands holds your hair and ponytail in place. The elastic material also allows for a final spin for the last (hopeless) lap around your hair. The secret behind this is the knob-shaped design (like a telephone cord) that automatically pulls together and holds the hair in place.

✓ Gentle on the hair
✓ 10 different colors
✓ Easy to fix your hair
✓ Use them as bracelets

hairband sparnet.se

A big advantage of the rubber headbands is that it is much more gentle on the hair. In total there are 10 bands in 5 different colors, everything from transparent that is not visible in the hair to colorful. Affordable big pack that gives you enough bands to last all week.

2 Black
2 See through
2 Pink
2 Gold
2 Silver